Covid-19 Info




What we’re doing to keep you safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Beer Hallers,

Due to the recent rise in COVID cases across the country and our community, while having worked these last months to make the best of the everchanging restaurant climate, we have made the tough decision to close our doors until further notice. The City Beer Hall’s number one priority has always been the health and safety of our staff, patrons, and community. Therefore, we feel that this temporary closing, while painful, is the right thing to do for right now.


We wish everyone health and happiness in the coming months. We are filled with hope and excitement for the near future when this is behind us. The Beer Hall will emerge from our hibernation better than ever, and when that time comes we can’t wait to celebrate with you all again.

Until then, be well Beer Hallers.


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we understand this is a unique time to navigate gatherings in public spaces. We are dedicated to giving our guests a comfortable, fun, and relaxing experience during this “New Normal”, while keeping health and safety our top priority.

When dining with us, it is important to note some current changes to our service, policies and procedures. While we are working hard to ensure our staff is following recommendations and guidelines, we humbly ask that our guests also follow any new rules, guidelines, and expectations as well.

    1. Reservations – Reservations are encouraged, but not required, and can be made on Yelp or by calling 518-449-2337 during our operating hours (or, leave a voice message during off-hours). Due to reduced capacity, we kindly ask that guests be as precise as possible with the size of reservations, and give us a quick call ASAP if you need to cancel/reschedule. We do also leave space for walk-ins during service, so walk-ins are also welcome.
    2. Masks required –
      1. Staff are required to wear a mask at all times.
      2. Guests are required to wear masks when not seated (on their way to and from the table, exits/entrances, restrooms). Once seated, guests are welcome to remove their masks for the duration of their time seated. Guests may choose to keep their mask on when not eating/drinking and while speaking to their server, though this is not required. If a guest has forgotten their mask, we have extras they may take free of charge.
    3. Sanitation stations – available throughout the restaurant for guest use. We encourage guests to wash their hands upon arrival and departure, and sanitize as frequently as they’d like throughout their time here.
    4. Table seating – All of our tables are spaced 6′ (or more) apart to ensure proper social distancing and follow current guidelines. We are lucky to have a large historic building with a spacious dining room, second floor, and high ceilings (not to mention our outdoor open-air patio) to allow comfortable spacing and air flow for our guests.
      1. In NYS, max 10 guests are allowed per table. For parties greater than 10, we may be able to accommodate you seated at multiple tables that are spaced 6′ apart.
    5. Social Distancing – Please be conscious and maintain 6’ from others whenever possible. Note the reduced capacity of the restrooms, note the floor markers to assist you while in congested areas and waiting for the bathrooms, etc. Only one party is allowed in the entrance/host area at a time. When waiting to check in, please wait until the party in front of you is sat and has vacated the area before you enter the building.
    6. Beverage & Food Service
        1. To enjoy food and drink, you must be seated. Do not walk up to the bar to order a drink, your server will take your order for you. We do have a few socially distanced bar stools for those looking to sit and eat/drink at the bar during their stay.
        2. Your first alcoholic drink order must be accompanied by a food order; we are required to serve you this food (as per the SLA guidelines). We have a variety of small appetizers, but if you need more time looking over the menu, or are just looking for a lighter food option, we do offer a free personal pizza with your first alcoholic beverage.
        3. For those still not comfortable dining in, we are here for you! We offer contactless curbside pickup/takeout through our website (click the link on our homepage or menu page to order through Square), or delivery through Grubhub. Enjoy our full gastropub dinner & brunch menu, along with craft beer cans, growlers, bottles of wine, and specialty cocktails from the comfort of your own home.
    7. Please do NOT stand, mix, or mingle about the restaurant during your time with us. 
      1. According to the current State Liquor Authority regulations (the organization that grants us our licenses and allows us to be open and operating): “Congregating other than persons seated at tables is not permissible. Patrons should be standing only for necessary reasons such as use of restrooms, entering, and exiting”
        1. This means that guests should be seated for the entire duration of their visit except when using the bathroom. We ask that guests do not stand, visit other tables, etc. As a rule, restaurants/bars in NYS are allowed to operate only as a seated dining experience, not necessarily a mix/mingle bar atmosphere (even with groups from the same party). While we know this is different and an adjustment to your typical free-flowing bar/restaurant environment (and we can’t WAIT until our guests can mix, dance, and roam free throughout our beautiful space), these regulations are in place to keep guests properly distanced. We will be communicating this to guests and strictly enforcing this regulation.
    8. We are working tirelessly to follow NYS and CDC guidelines to make sure our guests, staff, and community stay safe. We are constantly working to adjust our service practices to ensure the safest and healthiest environment possible, but here are just a few additional precautions we have implemented since re-opening:
      1. All of our staff is required to submit a health questionnaire before arrival to each shift, and are encouraged to stay home if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have believed to been in contact with anyone suspected to have COVID-19.
      2. Our staff receives temperature checks upon arrival to each shift.
      3. Our menus are now viewable digitally through a QR code that can be scanned at your table (QR code tents are sanitized between parties along with the tables/benches/chairs). Disposable paper menus are available upon request.
      4. We’ve moved to using mostly disposable condiment containers when possible, and sanitize salt/pepper shakers, pens etc. in between uses.
      5. We are following NYS and CDC guidelines in regards to rigorous & ongoing cleaning and disinfecting in order to keep our spaces as pristine as possible (setting regular alarm reminders to participate in the constant cleaning high-touch surfaces, deep cleaning the entire building after each day of service, etc).


We hope these precautions and policies will allow our loyal guests to feel comfortable and safe choosing us for their next special event or gathering. For any questions or concerns regarding our safety practices or new policies, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email with any questions.

We appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we work to give you the most enjoyable and safe experience possible when you come through our doors. We hope to be able to work together with our guests to keep our community safe, and to keep The City Beer Hall open to serve you for years to come.